This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Limiting Labels

With all the labels that the “I got to know mind” constantly puts in place, story after story is created that makes one’s life made up instead of it being lived from a place where a story isn’t needed and labels don’t exist.

The labeling process of the mind isn’t needed to live life, but by the way the mind is conditioned it makes one believe labels are needed. This is a major deterrent in living one’s given life to the fullest because with preconceived notions in place, it puts a limit on everything. This could be called the “I got to know mind” this mind state blocks out the ability to live intuitively because this type of mind needs answers; regardless if they’re true or not. The Conditioned Mind creates issues just so it can label them, even if they aren’t a benefit to one’s life.

It labels and creates issues where there really aren’t any just so it has something to do. Look at this for yourself, does it not? Examples would be the weather, other peoples behavior, politics, sports, traffic, and so on. This is a dilemma because these things are used as distractions that keeps one from truly experiencing life beyond all this noise. The Conditioned Mind creates these issues, which creates a self that latches on to the labels because they are thought to be needed. This then creates story after story of a life that is made up instead of living from a place where life arises without labels.

The “I got to know mind” does this constantly until it becomes known that this is being done. When you can look in the mirror and not see a labeled self, it will be the beginning of the end of creating issues because although the mind will still try to create them, there won’t be a self saying “I got to know” The mind will then settle and life will be lived from a place where there isn’t a need to know. And without the “I got to know mind” being in control, the labeling process will no longer be needed hence nor will the story, and without the story life can be lived to the fullest instead of being limited by a label.

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  1. UnumVeritatemPerquirat said:

    Really insightful!
    I can’t help but to completely agree!!
    Labels definitely restrict us as a society &become sort of inescapable…

    -Truth Seeker

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