This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Altered Conditioning

If one’s mind is conditioned to travel on a road that leads to a brick wall, it’s inevitable the wall will be hit. But if one’s conditioning is altered, the road that leads to the wall is no longer taken.

In the last eight years, if there’s one aspect to my life that can pin point why there has been a continuous expansion of truth, which has allowed for a freedom never experienced previously, it would have to be the understanding that it’s the Conditioned Mind that causes suffering, but if altered this mind provides freedom as well. This is paramount if one is to travel on a road that leads to freedom. And it’s through this understanding that has allowed for the behavior the wasn’t beneficial to me or anyone else to become altered and centered in love.

The word altered is used because what happens is the base of existence doesn’t change, it becomes altered so this allows one’s view of life to be altered. When the conditioned view is altered the ensuing results become altered. I tried to change my view many times throughout my life without any results, until there was an understanding that it was the view itself that always led to the same results, suffering, and this is what needed altering.

Many, many times the same brick wall was hit. I would seemingly change something and would be moving along, but suddenly POW the wall would be hit. Again and again, change something, but always with the end result of hitting the brick wall. Without the understanding that every road taken led to the wall, how could it not be hit?

One day my conditioning was altered and a different road was taken which didn’t lead to a brick wall, and lo and behold since the brick wall wasn’t at the end of this road, it wasn’t hit. It wasn’t avoided, it wasn’t there. And it’s hasn’t been there since that day. If you’re still hitting the same brick wall, ask yourself why?

Without the brick wall being hit, this is what leads to the expansion of one’s mind. When one’s conditioning that leads to self induced suffering is altered, the results are altered. What this allows is for one not to go down a road that leads to their own demise. Where it leads is not a concern, as long as it’s a different road than the one that leads to a brick wall.

What is discovered when a different road is taken and the brick wall is no longer in place is this; instead of having a mind that’s conditioned to cause its own suffering, this altering leads to a mind that is now happy, joyous, and free. It’s the same mind to a degree, but its conditioning has been altered that has made its view different. This leads one to be on a different road which in turn produces different results and even though one is basically living the same life, with a different view nothing’s the same.

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