This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Simply I Am

I Am, anything added to this creates attachment and doesn’t enhance life one bit. It will actually block the peace that passes all understanding, which can only be had through simply I Am.

There are many roles played throughout one’s life, some are chosen, some aren’t. But to me the most important one is the non role of I Am. There’s no part to play here because a role doesn’t exist. There’s no stage needed for I Am because there isn’t a need to define it as anything. I Am is simply I Am, that’s it, nothing needs to be added. It’s the ultimate role because it’s a non role where peace passes all understanding. There’s no attachment here so it’s impossible for it to be a role, or for a part to be played, or anything else for that matter; a role can only exist through attachment.

There’s a huge difference when something is added to I Am as opposed to simply I Am; whatever’s added makes it into an identity then the associated attachment is taken on. I am a son or daughter is probably our first attached role and we just keep adding to it as we progress through life. There have been many roles added to I Am in my life and the list is just about endless, but today I understand no role is needed. There’s an awareness that an attached role wouldn’t enhance life one bit, so why go on the worlds stage where a role would be created and attached to? This is the stage where most people exist, just turn on the TV, and although unconscious of this, this is one’s bondage.

I write, but I am not a writer, only attachment would make this so. You may call me a writer, but that is your attachment. And this is how it is with any role, father, brother, son, spouse, friend, supervisor, pool boy, landscaper, carpenter, mason, and so on, attachment creates them all, but if there isn’t attachment, there is no role. It’s all in the attachment, even how others apply them. Roles are used to create an identity that doesn’t enhance life in any way, but if they’re taken on a belief is formed and it becomes one’s I Am.

The key to existing without bondage is in not adding anything to I Am, either our attachment of it or the attachment of others. In this space of I Am, with no role, no attachment, is the enhancement of a peace that passes all understanding, and the beauty in this is it doesn’t need an attached role for it to occur nor does it need to be understood. As a matter of fact the more it’s thought about the less peace one will experience, and that’s because the only true peace to be had is in simply I Am, that is as long as nothing’s added to it.

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