This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Instant Karma

When there’s undeniable trust in the moment as it is, there’s no waiting for it’s karmic results because nothing needs to be different. This instantly aligns one with life which leads to peace.

Sayings usually have different interpretations to people and one of those such sayings is “You reap what you sow” to many people, this means whatever you put out you get back. It does seem to have that kind of karma associated to it so I gather in some sort of way there’s some truth in this. But I’ve had a shift that has led me to a different view to this saying, one that is very freeing to me and with a karma association that occurs instantly and it doesn’t require a doing with an expected return.

This view I have is what I have come to understand what trust is about. Karma is real, so when there is trust in the moment as it is, one will not have to wait for the karmic results of peace because it occurs instantly. When the present moment is trusted just as it is and not questioning what’s occurring, there’s a certain peace that occurs in the moment of this undeniable trust. The karmic result of trust in the moment will always result in peace because when one doesn’t want the moment to be different, the only thing left is peace.

Everything is energy so when the moment is given the trust that the Universe will take care of it, the cooperating energy puts one in a state of oneness with that moment. And when there’s this kind of energetic harmony, the karmic results are amazing. They manifest in many different ways, peace, harmony, the way people respond to you, the way life itself responds and it’s not because “kind energy is emitted out and results in kind energy in,” no, it’s the trust given to the moment as it is and aligning it’s energy with ours so the karmic results are instantly in line with life. It’s in this alignment that our potential is released and the Universe gives us its all, not for any other reason than it has to because with this alignment of energy there’s a karmic readiness for all that the Universe has to offer.

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