This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Life’s One Rule

To live life to the fullest, one must put themselves in alignment with what makes this happen. This is a dilemma because through the Conditioned Mind the love that makes this possible is blocked so one is mostly aligned to self serve.

There’s one rule that allows life to be lived to the fullest and this rule is; one must do the things that puts them in alignment with love. If this rule isn’t adhered to it will be difficult to live a full and productive life. And by full and productive I mean being an instrument of love. The doesn’t happen by doing certain things, it happens by not doing certain things and this means you can only love with what’s in your heart. Doing endless goods deeds will not add one iota of love to the heart, but when things are done strictly of love, it doesn’t matter what’s done, the heart opens and love expands. This is not the conventional way of approaching life, but it’s the way I have found works the best for putting me in alignment with love.

The major dilemma with this is through the Conditioned Mind one has learned to do things that are productive only to self. When this is done there’s no time to think of others because one is to busy thinking about themselves. Most of one’s life is spent thinking of and finding ways to satisfy self. Even if one is on a journey to help others, there has to be an awareness of the attachment to self. There’s a very fine line between the self serving mind and the love serving mind. But with practice one will see the differences and stop doing the one that doesn’t really benefit life. But if all one does is think about doing things that are strictly a benefit to self, there won’t be any room to think about others and the heart remains closed. If this is the rule that is lived by, one will not be doing the things necessary that puts them in alignment with love and life will not be lived to the fullest or be as productive as it could or should be.

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