This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Divine Direction

Things happen to everyone, there’s no escaping it, one day the story is about us not someone else. If not centered on the principle of love, the mind will become wayward and lose its divine direction.

It seems that things always happen to other people. When the news is watched, it’s about other people. When there are stories at work, it’s about someone else. Others seem to be the ones that get sick, or have tragedies occur in their life. It’s even other people who are the ones that die. But what happens when it happens to you? We’ll not the die part, but the other things, sickness, ours or family members, loss of jobs, or things like house fires, or floods, these are but a few of the things that can definitely knock one off the direction of the divine. When these things occur they’re the times when we’re put to the test per se, but it isn’t life that does the testing, its our own developed inner psyche. What’s at its core will rise to the top when least expected.

All the practice, sitting, reading, discussions, beliefs and philosophy’s, what happens when push comes to shove and there isn’t time but to react to what occurs because it has taken you by surprise? It seems the so called divine is thrown aside and the deeper inner psyche takes over. There may be some who are so entrenched in their way it seems they aren’t affected by these things, but I know for me when I get caught by things, my reactions tend to revert back to the deeply rooted psyche of a self that has been in place for many many years. This self was only beneficial to me by worldly standards, as far as the divine goes it was not much of a benefit.

It has been my observation that this self is what most people revert to in times of stress. So how is one to stop this? By being with life as it occur and although one may not react in a way that has been practiced or is desired, what’s in the current psyche has to be accepted for what it is. This is because things don’t always happen to the other person, and this awareness that things happen to everyone, is a reality that unless accepted with no if, ands, or buts, will keep one assuming that things only happen to someone else. So the question is, when things do happen to you as they most certainly will, will you be ready for it or will you revert to the carnal self and go in the opposite direction of the principle of love?

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