This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Beyond Attachment

There’s a higher self that’s always there, waiting. When one understands stillness beyond the attachment to our stories, our thoughts, there’ll be an alignment and connection with our waiting higher self.

We’re not always aligned with our higher self and this our misgiving. It’s not that we can’t always be aligned, but we have to do the things that will allow it. Our alignment is in relation to how much we try and control our life. This is thought based. Certain aspects of our life need to be controlled, but the parts that are beyond our control, why do we insist on controlling them also?

There’s the part of us that’s the carnal self; the one who is controlled by the senses. This is the human aspect (thought based) of who we are. But there’s a self that’s beyond the carnal self, this is beyond anything physical, beyond the thought process. It’s the self of the mind, but not in the conceptual way. It’s the energy beyond form, but the form itself is energy, it’s just that our thought process needs to make it solid so it can have something to grasp and make sense of. This is what thought is. Our mind is beyond thought. It’s pure Universal Energy. It is who we are before our existence in this form begins and it is who we are when conditions no longer allow this form to exist and it ends.

Thought is energy, but it isn’t pure because of the attachment to it, which is always based in something carnal. To go beyond thought one must go beyond attachment. This is when we’re in alignment with our higher self. It can be called our soul, life eternal, nirvana, bliss, etc, but words are not needed to understand our higher self. Actually any word will hamper our alignment to our higher self because the word itself is in the form of a thought. When we learn to just be and not have to attach to anything to make us who we are (a thought) it’s then that we’ll understand who we truly are; thoughtless, formless, pure energy: this is the mind, this is our higher self.

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