This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Mind Mastery

If one doesn’t have mastery over the mind, the mind will have mastery over you. One’s freedom is contingent on this and either there’ll be discipline to be the master, or not and one’s mind will be the master.

If you don’t have mastery over your own mind, your mind will have mastery over you, and it will manifest as behavior not conducive to love. This is not easy to understand because of the lack of discipline in one’s life. If you investigate this, you will see not only where your stories come from, but also how they don’t truly add one thing to your life. Yet you create them, but it’s not really you who does this, it’s the undisciplined, unmastered mind. You will understand this truth when you stop being mastered by your mind and stop creating your unnecessary stories. By learning to master your own mind, you will gain real control over your emotional state and the way you react to situations. By being mastered by your mind you are pulled around as if you are a dog on a leash, but I think a dog actually has more freedom.

When there isn’t a created story what remains is emptiness and you are that emptiness. Not in the sense that there’s nothing there, but more so because your mind is not your master. The Conditioned Mind is devious and will not allow you to understand this emptiness because it will mean you are gaining mastery over it. It’s the last thing the Conditioned Mind wants you to do because it’s the end of the control it has over you.

To truly love, mastery of your own mind is needed so you can say no to things that aren’t beneficial to you, and yes to the things that are. This will take much discipline, much more than most people are willing to develop. This is why the world is the way it is because not enough people are willing to do what’s necessary to gain mastery of their own mind. This lack of willingness doesn’t allow love to be our minds default setting.

Without discipline, to much of what others do and outer circumstances are allowed to control one’s emotional state. Because of this, life leads most people on an emotional roller coaster. Far to many people are attached to their emotions to the point that there’s no mastery whatsoever of their own mind. So simply put, “If you don’t have mastery over your own mind I guarantee you this, your mind will have mastery over you” and freedom will be fleeting at best.

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  1. And emotions are part of the challenges in life for the human vehicle..part of d master plan. 😉


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