This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Thoughts are nothing but energy that are given the base of their direction by labeling them as good or bad. The more one’s thoughts are attached to as pleasurable, the more control they’ll have over you.

No greater understanding is needed for loving yourself than the understanding that “You Are Not Your Thoughts” What is a thought and where do they originate from? Why is there so much validity given to something that just seems to come out of thin air? One minute you are thinking loving thoughts and out of no where comes a selfish thought. Neither are in our control, but with the Law of Attraction at least with the practice of quieting the mind, some of the lesser constructive thoughts aren’t attached to. I’m not sure if thoughts produce the way we perceive things or if the way we perceive things produce our thoughts, it’s pretty confusing, but that’s why I use the phrase “I am not my thoughts” to help stop the squirrel cage mind from being in control. And it will control you unless there isn’t attachment to it.

Lets take a look at one thought with the title of guilt added to it. Although guilt is a created delusion, it starts out as an energy, and then transforms to the thought of guilt. Everything, no matter what, starts out as energy and transforms to a thought of some kind. It’s our conditioning that allows their deception; a deception created and used by the ego. Nothing can truly deceive you unless it’s allowed and what allows it, but our clinging energy to the thought of whatever it is that is occurring. We are not our thoughts, it’s that simple. We have been programmed to believe we are, but if you investigate this, you will see the fallacy in this belief. Matter of fact any so called belief is just a thought created fallacy by one’s Conditioned Mind. Thoughts come and thoughts go, our clinging is what gives them the energy they need to become a story, a guilt ridden lie.

Look at why you think you are your thoughts. Freedom from clinging to your thoughts is freedom from your egoic self, which is the creator of your lies. When this freedom occurs, no thing can hold you back from reaching your Creative Potential and knowing and becoming your true self. A thoughtless, timeless, ageless wonder, a created being of Universal Energy. You can only be free of your own created lies, when you know who you truly are. You can only know who you truly are, when you understand “You Are Not Your Thoughts”

There is a book out there with this sub title that explains this in greater detail lol. But if you believe you are your thoughts maybe it would be better to read something like Dr. Seuss “Green Eggs and Ham.” a very good book, but with this type of book you won’t have to think to much so you won’t be creating your own lies caused by your own thoughts, which in turn creates your own suffering. With all the thoughts that occur throughout the day, did you ever ask yourself which thoughts are you and why do you only cling to some? It’s when you understand “You Are Not Your Thoughts” that you will understand what it takes to be free. So do yourself a favor, stop thinking so much so the true you can arise which allows for you to love yourself because “You Are Not Your Thoughts”

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