This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

We will always be guided by the things that we seek. And whether those things are based in the doings of the material world or being of the spiritual world determines the direction of our guided actions.

How can we bring the love of our creator into the daily actions of our lives when so much of how we have been conditioned has been geared towards the opposite of it? It’s never the thing on the outside that causes our action, it’s always from the conditioning within. Even when this is known it still doesn’t automatically lead to love based actions. Our dilemma is this, our human side gets in the way of our spiritual nature. We put to much emphasis on the things of the world and not enough practice is done to quiet the mind to allow our creator’s love to be the love based actions of our life.

Although many things that are done are deemed spiritual in nature and are actually for the greater good, they’re an action done by our human side which doesn’t allow for true spiritual guidance. Our doings make for a misguided sense of well-being which has to constantly be fed to achieve fulfillment. But our spiritual well-being needs no such feeding, when you can just be and not have the need to do, you will be fulfilled constantly, and you don’t have to do a thing for this to occur.

This is very difficult because of the way we have been developed. It goes back ions and ions. True spirituality is based in being, our human side is based in doing. When we are doing we guided by our senses which are human, when we are being our spiritual nature is our guide. And when we are guided by being it is our creator’s loves that is emitted in our daily actions. All the accomplishing and doing in one’s life time will not produce the sense of well-being one gets from being. It may produce money and material success and if that is our goal this is fine, but don’t think for an instant that you can serve two masters. 

You can either be of the human world or you can be of the spiritual world. You can’t intentionally flip flop like an on and off switch, it’s one or the other. Love can’t be your guide sometimes. You will fulfill your urge to serve your creator or you will fulfill the urge to serve yourself, just understand you will reap from the one that is sown. And when what’s sown is through the love of creation, the energy we emit will be from this love and so will our daily actions. This can only occur because of being not doing and unlike doing when being is the base of our life we will always be fulfilled.

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