This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Clinched or Opened

If life is as though it’s a clinched fist, freedom is limited because of the lack of openness. And although love is always available, we are the ones who need to open our clinched fist to avail ourselves to it.

Whatever has the nature to arise will also pass away. Knowing and the unknown are one in the same because they arise from the same stillness. It’s through the practice of meditation the allows for the opening of the clinched fist of the mind. It allows this truth to be understood when the mind becomes quiet enough to see it. Without quietness our fist (mind) remains clinched along with all its anticipation and tension.

This keeps the mind closed to the anticipation and tension of something, our annoyances to would’ve, should’ve, could’ve mind, and the wishful thinking mind. These are a few of the mind activities that keeps it in a clinched fist state. Hold on or let go is always our dilemma. In each moment of our life something arises and we either grasp it or not and depending on our conditioning we will be as a clinched fist or as an open hand.

Our burdens are ours and we decide to carry them, not consciously, but none the less we do and they cause our suffering. When our I ego makes it as though life is our responsibility alone, we become as a clinched fist and our heart closes to love. All forms of suffering, whatever they may be are derived from here. When the heart remains opened, there isn’t any anticipation and tension so one can be used as an instrument to spread seeds of love.

Although selfish conditioning will not allow for one to remain open all the time, with practice openness will remain more and more. This is our journey, to live our life with an open heart of love, to enjoy our journey regardless of our conditioning, and to release the hold of a clinched fist. No anticipation, no tension, no burden, and with none of these there’s only freedom provided by the openness and love of ones own heart.

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