This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Mind, body, and spirit, if there’s a deficiency in any one of these areas it will create a deficiency within one self. This in turn creates disharmony with one self, with others and with all of life.

The essence of any life is threefold, mind, body, and spirit and it is having all three in unison that makes life harmoniously balanced. If one of these aren’t adhered to or if the three are not balanced equally, it will be that part of your life that you will lack in and therefore cause your own suffering. And it will be to the degree of this lack that suffering will be a prevalent part of your life. This has nothing to do with anyone else, what happened to you as a child or anything that happened to you your entire life for that matter. This isn’t dependent on social status, what you do for a living, how much money you have in the bank or owe, as with any list it goes on and in. What matters is what you are doing right now to keep these three aspects of life in unison so you can remain in balance with the Universe.

If there is any uneasiness in your life, look and see if you are lacking in any one of these areas and bring it into balance. You will see how the ship (your life) rightens itself. It’s essential to have balance with these threefold aspects because it’s how you’ll remain in harmony with yourself, with others, and in turn with all of life. Do to much of anything and you create your own suffering. 

Moderation is a key component in any life for it to be balanced and this is especially true when things are being used that aren’t in one’s best interest to live in the healthiest of ways. Mental, physical, and spiritual health have to be maintained if our sense of well being is to be maintained. In this case two out of three is bad, to the point where the one missing is the one that will cause you to suffer. So sit in quiet and see if there’s a deficiency in one of these areas in your life, if there is find what’s needed for threefold balanced so you can be in harmony with yourself, with others and thus with all of life.

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