This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Gifts to Benefit Others

Having a useful life is being aware of the gifts one has and utilizing them to benefit others. If our gifts are used selfishly they won’t even benefit ourselves. Freely received, freely given.

A useful life is gauged by the affect it has on others. The gauge being, if you are being a blessing to someone. The more aligned with being a blessing to someone one is, the more useful their life is and the more one is blessed. Be a blessing in everything you do, and everything you do will be a blessing. Even if someone isn’t very nice and their behavior is disliked, for your own sake it would behoove you to be a blessing to that person. If not, you will be the one who will suffer.

The energy given out is the energy of the life you will live. If you always give out love, your life will be one of love, always. If not, it will be limited by whatever conditioning limits your ability to love. The base of any life is determined by the base of the energy in place. This isn’t a philosophy, a philosophy is just some theory. This is energy, it’s physics. You cannot put out discord and not get it in return, because that’s whats there. But you are not really getting it in return, you are just being with the energy that’s there. How can it not be this way? 

Any discord in your heart is your block to the love that is of the same heart. It seems as though what you put out you get in return, but what really happens is, the energy that is put out is the energy thats there, so it has to be what you get, because its what’s there. You cannot plant apples seeds and reap the benefits of producing oranges.

It seems if you love, you receive love, but in truth, it is your own love given that you are receiving. The Law of Physics and the world works in this way. And if those laws aren’t in unison with the heart, it will be very difficult to be an instrument of love. You will still be an instrument, but of what? You just need to look around you and you will know of what. 

This is the way physics operates, love equals love. Laughter equals laughter. Gratitude equals gratitude, and so on. And it is the same for negative energy. It has to be this way because it’s what’s there. Energy is neither created or destroyed, it’s only transformed and can only be what it is. And what it is, is what one will be. So be very careful of the energy that is projected out to others, for what is put out is the energy that you will live your own life by, it has to be because that’s what’s there.

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