This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The thought and thoughtless realms of life occur simultaneously, but if there’s only awareness of thought, one is unconscious of consciousness. When one awakens, these dual realms merge into one.

There was never the experience of no self in my shift, but it did become clear to me that the cause of every issue I had seemed to be due to a self centered, self serving view. The word seemed is used because although it wasn’t realized at the time, my life was the way it was because of the way it was delusionally conditioned to be, and underneath this conditioning there was another realm of life occurring simultaneously from the one I was living by. This to me is what I have come to understand as duality, not in the sense of another dimension of life, but more so as a reference of living consciously or unconsciously. 

Unconscious is the way life is lived through the self centered, self serving delusional conditioning, which is strictly a developed thought view developed unconsciously. And then there’s existence that’s simultaneously occurring where there aren’t any thoughts. There is no self centered, self serving conditioning here because it isn’t contingent on thought, it’s where life truly happens as consciousness. 

When there’s awareness that both of these realms exist at the same time, one become conscious, at least this is the shift that occurred to me. And this shift wasn’t contingent on any thought because it occurred beyond thought. So it wasn’t that it become clear that there wasn’t a self, but what did became clear was that the self that I thought existed wasn’t real, but it still caused me issues. And why this was was because of the delusional attachment I had to the thought realm. Life through the awareness of consciousness becomes different because the view of living unconsciously is slowly replaced where life is consciously lived without thought, at least where the thoughts that are self centered and self serving are concerned.

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