This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The Child Within

Depending on how conditioned by the world our mind becomes, determines the presence of our inner child. And the innocence of our inner child is the foundation to a life that’s loving, and caring.

We are all born of light, but that light staying lit is determined on how alive our inner child remains a part of our life. The more the self serving mind is in control the more one is claimed by worldly desires and possessions. There are many traps along the way that take a part of our inner child and lock it away. Drugs, alcohol, sex, greed, hate, delusion, envy, sloth, false pride, and anger are just some of the trappings, but there are many many more that takes one from the space of their inner child to a place that’s ruled by earthly wants and desires. Very few of the trappings take hold of one all at once. The self serving mind is developed and one day if this path is followed continuously the inner child will only be there in the form of trying to constantly arrange life to be a certain way. But this is the baby in us, not the inner child.

Make no mistake between these two, the baby in us is self serving, needing, wanting, and selfish. Our inner child is innocent, loving, and caring. Depending on our upbringing and whatever else influenced us, determines how much of our inner child remains. To understand this is to know yourself and when you know yourself you can develop a practice to reverse the process and free your inner child and allow it to again be a part of your daily life. The more the practice of this is done, the more of your inner child returns so you can once again see your light and be innocent, loving, and caring as you were when life began.

If the light goes out, you are the only one who can relight it. God or the Universe can provide the spark to start this process, but it will be from the urging of your inner child that has been entrapped that the process will continue on. So it’s up to each individual to see the light of their inner child and live an innocent, loving, and caring life. Or not and remain entrapped to a life of a baby that is self serving, needing, wanting, and selfish.

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