This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

I Created Pr(i)son

To be free from the bondage of self one must be free from their thought I. One cannot think of I and be free. Freedom from self will only occur by letting go of one’s thought I. Pr(i)son cannot be without I.

Here’s something to ponder as to why most people will never get beyond their thought I and thus never really experience true freedom in their life. It really needs to be explored at a deep level if you want true freedom from the bondage of self. So why are the lies of a Conditioned Mind believed so strongly and what causes this? Lets take a look. Everything happens in the present moment, that much can be agreed upon, but it’s because we aren’t present that we struggle. And why this is is because there’s too much noise going on between one’s ears. If one was present there wouldn’t be a struggle because one would be with what was occurring instead of what was wished for.

Since nothing can happen outside the present moment, it’s our developed conditioning that keeps one glued to the past or future. When you are walking along and you pass by a donut shop the aroma is so enticing and because there’s no discipline to be mindful of this, you most likely will succumb to the aroma, even if you aren’t hungry. Substitute the aroma from the donut shop with whatever you want, this is how it is with everything. If you’re not mindful of the present moment, that means you will be either living in the past or future, and since nothing occurs outside of the present, when something arises if you are not prepared for it, you will get pulled right in. The only defense for this is to be mindful of the present moment.

Look at when you are just going along and something happens that attracts your attention and pulls you in, it happens because of the inattentiveness of the present. This is what it means to be unconscious. There isn’t any mindfulness to what is actually happening, so you’re literally living a lie; the lie being the thing you are attracted to is needed. The real heartache of this inattentiveness is that it’s the normal mode of living for just about the entire human race. Being mindful of our thoughts is being mindful of what is. After all it’s through thought alone that the pulling occurs and it’s one’s I that’s the anchor that allows this.

So watch how your thoughts are centered on I. See how it’s the thought I that allows the pull. Learn to watch your thought I and when it tries to pull you in, if you are truly practicing to be mindful, you just may have enough attentiveness to remain neutral and not be controlled by it. This will take much practice and discipline, but with it comes much reward. And the reward being the thoughtless freedom from the prison of the bondage of self that only one’s thought I can create.

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