This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Being Dependable

One’s usefulness to the world is a result of how centered one’s mind is on stillness. And it’s in this center which results in an aura that others see as something to depend on.

Can you be depended on? Being depended on by others is a great honor. It means you have something that others desire and regardless of what it is, it’s a gift from the Universe to be used in this fashion. Although you never have to expect yourself to be perfect you should always expect a perfect effort and that’s all you or anyone can ask. I don’t know what the purpose of life is, but I do know the more one can be depended on, the more there is a connection to others and to life itself. So to be depended on by others regardless of the reason, is one of the most important facets in life if one is to be happily and usefully whole.

This is how it works, one becomes depended on as a son or daughter, then as a brother or sister, friend, student, spouse, parent, worker, a citizen, and so on. As one grows up, being dependable to others is determined by how still the mind is. To me, there’s no such thing as total stillness, but there is so much more of it today than I have ever experienced. And what this stillness allows is for the love of the heart to expand to a place where one can be there for others. This occurs the more one loves because the self centered mind settles and the love in one’s heart arises. 
Life has nothing to do with the possessions one has, it has everything to do with how dependable one is to others in the sense where you can be looked upon as a stable force of love. Love is the foundation for unity, without it there’s nothing for others to be attracted to. The aura surrounding Jesus and Buddha is what attracted people and because that aura was of truth, people knew they could be depended on. 

Their foundation was solidly base in love, but because of the unconscious energy of the world, this isn’t seen by many so there’s no guarantee one will see another’s truth and depend on them. The greatest misgiving of existence is to have the people that can be depended on to expose the truth of one’s lies, ignored due to ones Conditioned Mind. And why this is one of life’s greatest misgiving is because it leaves one to depend only on themselves which closes one’s heart from a foundation of love. And without love the only thing one’s aura will attract is themselves.

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