This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

When one is using diversions from an outside source as a means to live life, it’s as though one is alive, but not present for what’s really going on. And as long as these diversions are in place, one will never truly live. 

When using whistling in the dark as a diversion that takes one from their inner center, it manifest into many forms. The main thing to understand about this is anything used from an outside source is the so called whistling. Once something is reached for and used from the outside, no longer is one connected to their inner self. This I found in my own life was part of the deficiency of using things such as therapy, 12 step programs, a career, a title or role, food, sex, gambling, and so so many other things. I’m not saying these things don’t have their place, but only if they’re not used as a diversion that keeps one from truly looking at what’s going on within themselves. It’s no different than whistling in the dark to keep away the boogeyman.

Our problems lie in using diversions that block us for seeing our true self, not the made up story of who we think we are, but going beyond the thought realm of our created diversions. Reach out there for whatever you think is needed, but understand it’s only being done because the spell of the Conditioned Mind has you in its grip. Our true essence is known when our inner center which occurs in the present is established. But how many can truly say they live in the present? So what this means is most of what is done in life is used as a diversion, which keeps one from truly knowing what’s going on. 

This is the importance of establishing an inner center because if one isn’t established the diversions will be a steady stream of thought that keeps one unconscious. Life will be habitual with constantly needing it arranged in a way the Conditioned Mind deems worthy. When one lives from a inner center it doesn’t matter what happens out there because no diversion is reached for. But as stated in another writing when this established center is lost, all bets are off, “the nonsense begins” and all kinds of diversions are used. It would actually be safe to say that although very very few people will see this, it’s the way it is for just about everyone. 

I am not here to convince anyone of this because I know this is what occurs. This is what keeps one in the grip to the bondage of self and unless there is something in place that slows the mind to allow one to see this, the nonsense will remain in place and the noose will just keep getting tighter and tighter. Sit with this and just watch the mind create diversion after diversion, this is a truth that many will dispute, but that’s only because it’s part of the Conditioned Mind diversions. The Conditioned Mind is a sneaky, deviously sly adversary and without something in place to allow an understanding of exactly what one is up against, the whistling in the dark manifested as many diversions will remain in control, and true freedom regardless of how free one thinks they are, will never be had.

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