This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Tools of the Spirit 

For one to become aware of the spirit within so one’s given life is lived from the heart as a spiritual being having a human experience, the tools that allow this have to be in place.

This is probably the biggest hurdle one has to get over to truly begin living life in the most beneficial way. The hurdle is most people think they are human beings who are having a spiritual experience, when in truth it’s just the opposite. We are spiritual beings who are having human experiences, but as long as the human self is put first, one will always act selfishly and there will always be a need to use something to seek some form of fulfillment. 
Our humanness can only be satisfied in flesh and in temporary increments. That’s why one constantly needs to reach for something because nothing attained is lasting. If the spiritual is put first the experiences of one’s view is without attachment, so one’s suffering is limited. It’s only through the senses that the human form is experienced, which is strictly from the mind, the spiritual is from the heart where suffering doesn’t exist. Compassion and empathy exist there, but no attachment so no suffering.

Living strictly from the human realm is the main cause one is constantly seeking and is disconnected from the sun light of the spirit. With putting being human first, one is living through thought so one has to be disconnected from the spirit. Thought separates, love (the heart) unites. Our humanness is a direct disconnect from the spiritual when it’s put first because of it’s base (the senses). The Spirit doesn’t need, therefore when the spirit is put first the senses aren’t in control. 

When being a spiritual entity is put first, a connection to all of life occurs, not through thought, but through one’s heart of love. The main dilemma in our society is people are putting their humanness first and are being controlled by their thoughts. Just follow the news and see this for yourself. It’s nothing more than human desires being put first and running amok.

So here is a tool called the 12 Steps to Freedom which are from my book It’s Monday Only in Your Mind: Your Are Not Your Thoughts. They offer one to become aware of the sunlight of the spirit within so that the life one is given may be lived from the heart as a spiritual being who has human experiences. They are offered for free on my website Develop this tool or not, that’s the choice, but the results of that choice will be to remain in the control of the Conditioned Mind or to break free of its devious grip.

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