This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

One is truly bound by nothing but by what one’s own mind puts in place. So we’re only able to reach the heights of certain limits because we ourselves are the one’s that create those limits.

I remember once watching a football game and I realized that even if the team on defense knew exactly what play was coming, if the play was executed properly it still couldn’t be stopped. So it’s not only in the preparation, it’s also a matter of proper execution that allows for a play to bring the results that it’s designed for. To me it’s a lot like the way life is, at least in the way circumstances occur. One needs a game plan along with a way to execute it to reach new heights. And if there isn’t a game plan in place for this to occur, when something happens one can only respond to the heights of their own created limits.

When this happens, one doesn’t get the possible results that allow life to be lived to the fullest, but they do get the limited results of not having a game plan in place. And let’s say that you do have a game plan in place, but if it’s to stop a running play and the other team comes out passing, the preparation is rendered useless. So even though everyone has some kind of plan in place to live life, the question to ask, is it one that limits the possible results or is it a plan that allows for one’s life to reach new heights? This question is the gateway to get to the truth of why one limits themselves and thus stays confined to those limits. One’s expasion is in direct proportion to the plan that’s in place because that plan if not designed for the mind to expand, will not allow it.

One not only needs to have a game plan that allows for the proper preparation for when our day begins, but the game plan will have to be executed properly as the days given circumstances arise. If not, it’s going to be nearly impossible for one to be truly happy because the results will be limited because of the lack of preparation. And without the proper preparation, theres no way the execution that allows for a life of unlimited heights can be reached. So one becomes limited by what plan is in place and only reaches the heights that they themselves create.

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