This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Being the Observer

Be an observer of the occurrences that happen in your life and be the recipient of a peace that passes all understanding. Or not, and stay entrapped to the judging and labeling process that’s firmly in place.

At times life can seem as though it’s such a struggle, but really life itself is never a struggle, it is our created perception that makes this so. There are two ways to live our life, one is from the perception that we are directly involved in everything that happens. This requires that we make constant judgements as each situation occurs. We instantaneously label things as they happen. This makes life personal. This is the way most of us have been conditioned, so this is the only way that most of us can live. 

The other way that life can be lived, but this must be learned, is to observe what happens and not make it personal. This is much different because you don’t get directly involved in what happens. You are a participant because you are there, but you learn not to judge and label what happens. If you are in traffic, you observe it, but that’s all you do. You acknowledge the fact that there’s traffic and that’s it. You don’t have to take it any further because it doesn’t add any benefit to the situation. In this case you are in traffic, but by observing being in traffic instead of making it about you, there is a freedom that’s not there when the situation is judged and labeled instead of just being observed.

To me there is so much more benefit in observing what happens in life as opposed to making it personal. If you can learn how to do this you will experience life in a way as never before. This is not something magical, it is simply an observation instead of judgement and labeling. Just think of the many scenario’s that this can be directly applied to, and see how differently each situation affects you when it’s observed instead of judged and labeled. It’s amazing how much more peace there is in your life when it’s observed. Don’t take my word for this, see the difference for yourself when you learn to observe what happens in life instead of being pulled into it by judging and labeling it. The situation that occurs doesn’t change, just the way it affects you does. Become the observer and be the recipient of peace, or not, and stay entrapped to the judging and labeling process that keeps you entrapped to the judging and labeling process of the Conditioned Mind.

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