This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Conditioned Ruts

A mind that gets “stuck in a rut” doesn’t just happen, it takes many years of repetitive behavior to create. It gets deeply engrained in one’s subconscious and will take much willingness and perseverance to undo.

To not get caught up in the daily routines of everyday life, each day has to be viewed as new, so one can carry a message of love into it. One cannot undo a single act from yesterday, good, bad, or indifferent. Our mistakes, if that’s what one wants to label them, are only the results of our Conditioned Mind Patterns that have been put in place to cope with things as they occur. If you are not conditioned to love how can you expect your reactions to be of love? This is only considered bad in the sense that it causes suffering because of the energy emitted from a reaction that isn’t based on love.

This energy is the “stuck in a rut” energy of a so called routine life, but life is anything but routine. This “stuck in a rut” energy doesn’t allow for one to take advantage of opportunities to be the instrument of love. When this “stuck in a rut” energy is in control, it will take much perseverance to get out of it. Think about what a rut is and how it is formed. It takes time to create it and it takes time to get out of it, or at least not constantly return to the repetitive behavior that creates it. The same thing has to be done over and over to create a rut. This is how engrained our conditioning is in our subconscious, ruts takes years to form and theres much reinforcement that keeps it not only in place, but anchors it so it becomes more deeply engrained in our subconscious. That’s why its easier to discount something with less history because its not as deeply engrained as let’s say the way you view your parents.

With so much history its very difficult to view them objectively. We view them with our created perception and we then attach an identity to them and we go through life making them who we think they are. But the thought of our parents is not who they are, it’s only our created perception of them. Our perceptions create our ruts which take away our objectivity in living life. Things really aren’t as we think. Our life may be lived by our thoughts, but this is the created delusion Buddha described. When we can stop the “stuck in a rut” mind of putting everything in our little perception box, we will begin to fill the ruts up with love and eventually they will not exist. And each and everyday will be a new beginning because there won’t be any ruts created to get stuck in.

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