This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Life Provided Titles

Life provides titles, but only the attachment to I makes them into stories. Without the stories there is still existence, but one would be at peace ALL THE TIME, regardless of the provided title.

Life provides the titles for all the stories one makes as their life, and the stories based on those titles are all created by one’s I. I is the writer of all the stories of those provided titles. Some pleasant titles are provided and some not so pleasant titles are provided, but the stories are never provided, they have to be created. And depending on one’s I conditioning, that’s what determines if those stories are short, long, or epic novels. But understand this, if there wasn’t an I attachment to the title, the story would never be written and without a story one would be at peace, ALL THE TIME. To all the naysayers, you can be at peace all the time regardless of what happens, but it has to be understood it’s only the attachment to I that doesn’t allow for this. Investigate this for yourself.

Peace is always there regardless of the provided titles, it’s just blocked out when there’s an I attachment to the title. It’s the attachment to I not the provided title which causes the mind to be agitated and this is why a story is deemed necessary, because the agitated mind needs to do something to distract from the agitation. As long as one is alive life will constantly provide titles, but if there was a degree of discipline developed, one would be able to see this and watch the nonsense begin instead of being drawn into it. This is why the saying “let the nonsense begin” is such a valuable tool because it allows for the provided title to be recognized for what it is so a story won’t have to be created. 

Life provides titles because it’s what life does, not for any other reason. Life is never personal, it’s just life, but the attachment to I is the only way a story of what occurs can be created. Anytime a person reaches for something it’s only done because of the story the I creates which makes one think the thing being reached for is needed. Without the attachment to I it would be seen that nothing is truly needed except what one already has. This is because one is complete as they are and no story will add to this completeness. So the titles are provided by life because one is alive, but unfortunately the attachment to I and its created story doesn’t allow for one to truly live.

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