This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

A Settled Mind Sees

When the mind settles and there’s quietness, life is viewed very differently then when it’s controlled by noise. And the difference is the noise makes one seek, while the quietness allows one to see.

All that one seeks is already within, so it is the seeking itself that keeps what’s within hidden. This is a large part of the disconnect (unconsciousness) with oneself and with all beings. It’s like going in your pocket to get the key to unlock the front door to your house, but because you were in the gym, and without realizing it, you put the key in your shoe. So now you start looking for the key and checking all your pockets, but to no avail because you forgot the key was in your shoe. To you the key is lost, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there, you just aren’t aware of where it is. This causes you to be locked out of your own house. This is what is happening to so many people today.

There is another aspect to this that’s also happening. Let’s say there’s a key in your pocket, but it’s not one to your front door, you believe it is, but when it’s time to use it, you find it’s your gym locker key. As long as you had the belief that your house key was in your pocket, there wasn’t a concern about it being the wrong key, but now you are locked out of your house, so where is the benefit of having that belief?

This is what the true nature of a belief is; a made up story that makes one believe they have the right key. That is until it’s time to use it, then it’s found out you have the wrong key. All the believing in the world will not make the wrong key open the lock. It’s not to say the key you have is useless, it has value if where it will work is found, it’s just not useful to open the front door.

Now as stated in yesterday’s post “let  the nonsense begin.” It begins by running around the house and checking to see if any windows are open that can be crawled through, unfortunately there aren’t. Next we look in our car to see if there’s something that can be used to pry the door open, nothing found. We go and check the back door, we hope we left it unlocked because it has the same lock on it as the front door, but it’s locked. We now realize it’s 1:00pm and our spouse won’t be home until 6:00pm.

What are we going to do? We decide to go and sit down to gather ourselves, and stop the nonsense for a second. As we’re sitting, we feel something in our shoe. Thinking it may be a pebble we take off our shoe and what do we find, the very thing that we had been seeking; the key to the front door. When we stopped looking for it and our mind settled, it was found. We had it all along, we just never got quiet enough to look in the one place that it had always been.

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