This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

A Mirage Reality

One has to decipher for themselves what truth is, but just as it is with someone who is marooned on a desert island, what’s real and what’s a mirage can be very difficult to decipher exactly which is which.

Our mind takes a situation and perceives it the way it has been conditioned. This perception determines how attached we are to the situation as a perceived reality. But is the perception real or are we just seeing a mirage? This doesn’t mean there isn’t a reality, it’s just means that one’s perceived reality is part of the mirage. Okay so what does this actually mean? I know there are many ways to interpret this, but since I wrote it I will explain what I meant. There was a TV commercial with two men in the desert and every time someone came by to offer them assistance, they chalked it up to being a mirage. The assistance was real, but that’s not what the two men perceived. To them what they saw was a mirage so reality to them wasn’t real.

So how do we decipher what is real and what isn’t? To me the first thing to establish is none of it is real, but how can this be? What of war, abuse, gang violence, death, poverty, greed, etc, all real, but only because humans make it so. None of how humans behave is life’s doing, so what is done is only real to the extent that humans fabricate these things. If it wasn’t for humans the atrocities of life would never occur, so this is where the mirage comes into play. It’s all nonsense made up by a Conditioned Mind to make one believe that what happens in life is real. But how real can it be real when as soon as it occurs it becomes the past and only exist in one’s mind.

We live in a fabricated world of the past, present, and future, because regardless of what happens, all things pass. As soon as something occurs it becomes the past and we attach a perception to it, so the past is part of the mirage. It happened, there’s no denying that, but regardless of what occurred it is only a memory, a thought and a thought has no real substance to it except for the energy it’s given. Even though it happened it is not happening now, so by living in the past it is part of the mirage.

The future is really part of the mirage because it hasn’t even occurred yet. So a reality can’t be attached to something that hasn’t happened. It may or may not happen, but there’s no reality in something that hasn’t happened yet, so this too is fabricated as reality, but it is also part of the mirage. This leaves the present, but this is also part of the mirage. You may ask if it is always now how is this part of the mirage? Because as soon as it is now it is also the past. So is it always now or is it always the past? And with the future not even here yet how can we decipher which part of the past, present, or future is real. But again what of the things that were listed above, like war, abuse, poverty, and what not, aren’t they real, yes, but only in the sense that they are all part of the same mirage.

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