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Knowing What’s Best

Every choice made is justified as the right one or it wouldn’t be made, but this doesn’t automatically make it the best one. Accept whatever choice is made, just know one’s motives determine if it’s what’s best.

Since it’s the same mind that tells you to do something and then questions why it was done, how can one be sure that the so called justified right choices made are actually whats best for you? Even though every choice made is the right one because if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be made, that doesn’t mean this seemingly right choice is the best one. The key to the choices that one makes is in knowing if they’re truly the best one possible.

We make many choices and they aren’t always what’s best for us, why do you think this is so? If you were really in control of your life, you would never make a choice that wasn’t what’s best for you or for others. Dream your dreams, do your good deeds, go back to school, attend therapy or rely on a program to live your life, but the question always comes back to “what are the motives behind the choices that are being made. These motives will determine not so much if the so called right choice is made, but if the best choice possible is made.

To understand this one will have to investigate their own mind and the motives behind why they are really making the choices that are being made. Choices will be made based on one’s conditioning, that’s what makes them seem right, but because most are controlled by their self serving conditioning, this usually makes one’s choices of the self serving variety.

Since most of our choices are based on this, they aren’t truly whats best for us. But they are the choices  that are made, so we have to learn to accept them and move on. But understand what your motives are behind your choices and not only can the right choice be truly made, but it will also be the best choice made. I’ve often heard it said, “do the next right thing” but that doesn’t automatically make it the best thing. And who is labeling it the next right thing, the person who doesn’t really know if the next right thing is really what’s best.

All I know is this, I made many decisions in my life which I thought were the right thing for me. The results of many of those decisions were exactly what I thought they would be, but it didn’t turn out to be what was best for me. So part of my practice today is to try and get very quiet before making a choice. And when this is done I make the best choice possibly based on quietness instead of the noise in the head. And the best choice is always the right one, but that doesn’t mean what seems like the right one is necessarily the best one.

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