This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Opinions Lack Truth 

An opinion is nothing more than a decision being made by a mind that’s been conditioned to self serve. There is no truth to an opinion because there isn’t any concrete evidence to back it up.

Life happens and it’s interpreted through one’s conditioned opinions. For me, it is very difficult to take things serious, especially when it comes to opinions. There are so many decisions that are made from an opinion that someone has about something, but where it becomes humorous is because opinions really have no value. People think they do and will state them adamantly, but they don’t. They are given more credibility and have more effect on things the higher the position one has in society or is held in esteem, but the value of any opinion should always be questioned because they’re all derived from someone’s Conditioned Mind, not from facts.

I know this was how most of the decisions were made in my life, there wasn’t much factual thought in them. And whether it was an opinion about a person, place, or thing, the decisions made really only had value to me because my conditioning was based to self serve. So my opinions were all based on a self serving thought. This self serving opinion based process took years to develop. It seemed that something occurred and it was placed in a category of like or dislike as quickly as it occurred. There’s wasn’t a thought process to this, there was no thinking, it just went automatically into its preconditioned assigned category. 

All opinions are valueless, even though a person may think they matter, they don’t because there’s no concrete evidence of truth to them. When something isn’t based in truth, its pretty much valueless. So form opinions and make decisions based on them and things will probably remain the same because not much can change when one’s decisions are based on opinions instead of facts. Because of this, don’t take things to serious and enjoy the humorous opinions without their concrete evidence, and know it is truth that sets one free and without it the self serving truth-less opinions will remain in control.

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