This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Tools of Peace

Tools will be needed if peace is going to be the norm in ones life. The Conditioned Mind will constantly try to make up issues, but with the proper tools in place they won’t take hold.

When the squirrel cage mind has you in its grip, is it allowed to continue the onslaught on your place of peace or do you have a tool in place that will assist in returning you to your place of peace? If there is no tool to return to ones place of peace, the onslaught will continue as long as this conditioning is in place. There will be moments it seems as though there’s peace, but only because one doesn’t truly understand the magnitude of the control the Conditioned Mind has over their life, peace will be very fleeting at best.

There are many things to use that makes one think there’s peace, but they are only a different distraction than the original agitation. Here are a few things used as a distraction, reading, doing crossword puzzles, a todo list, using the misgivings of others for ones usefulness, making up a purpose, and on and on. We are human beings not human doings. In the bible it says “Be Still” so if you can’t be still you truly can’t be at peace. 

Two basic tools that can be used to allow for a return to peace are some form of prayer that stops the squirrel cage mind in its tracks and developing discipline that will allow the mind to settle. For me the key is to understand why I’m not at peace. What was the cause of the mind agitation that took me from peace? It could be a number of things depending on ones conditioning, but the fact that one isn’t at peace is the main concern. 

Asking why is so important because it allows for one to get answers. If why isn’t asked and one does something to distract from the agitation, it will subside, but without the understanding of why it occurred it will return again and again until one puts a stop to it. Develop the necessary tools that allows for the stopping to occur and experience life like never before because these tools cut the leash of the Conditioned Mind that has been basically in control since ones existence begin.

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