This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Whatever one reaches for to change the way that they feel, that is the thing that becomes ones prison. When one is okay with the way that they feel, reaching and using anything will not be necessary.

We all are conditioned in different ways, but the base of our I Self is the common denominator in why we are conditioned to worship the things that we use to fulfill our desires. The things used don’t always equate to glaring dysfunctional behavior, as a matter of fact a very small percentage of people are entrapped by this type of behavior. Wisdom arises when the subtleness of something as simple as wanting a red traffic light to be green is realized to be the same Conditioned Mind Pattern as an addict who smokes crack cocaine. The thing used is different, but trying to satisfy the I Self desire is not. 

Both are used to change the way our I Self feels. Both arise from our subconscious, wanting things to be in some other way. Both are looking for something on the outside to change the feeling that is happening at that moment on the inside. Both are using the future derived from the inability to live now. Crack cocaine will change the way that you feel as will a green traffic light when you don’t want it red. 

Don’t get bogged down on the two things listed here, notice whatever it is that you worship that changes the way that you feel. This is the reason anything is reached for and used to begin with, to strictly change the way that you feel. If it wasn’t to change the way that you feel, nothing would ever be reached for because nothing would ever need to be different. An addict is an addict, and we are all addicts, we just use different things to change the way that we feel. The I Self is at the base of our reaching and also at the base of our own created prison.

After all satisfying your I Self is the only reason you reach for something, so you can change the way that you feel. When you are okay with the way that you feel, you will go beyond the I Self that needs to be satisfied by something from the outside. Regardless of what is reached for and used, it is the reason behind the reaching that requires the focus if you are to go beyond it. The I Self that has been developed to use outside things for fulfillment is a liar because it tells you it needs things and it knows it will never be fulfilled. 

So learn to recognize this and you will be able to go beyond this I Self the keeps you in the prison of your Conditioned Mind. Imagine that, it is your own mind that keeps you imprisoned to your I Self. Bondage is bondage, regardless of what thing is worshipped and used and freedom can only be freedom when one is free from their own mind.

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