This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The World is Holy Ground

Life doesn’t make life a struggle. A distorted view of trying to find peace outside oneself is what creates a struggle. When an inward view is primary, one will realize the world is holy ground.

Everyone has the ability to awaken to their higher self, but it is contingent on the amount of noise that one is attached to. Obviously the more noise, the less chance one has to become aware there is a higher self. And what exactly is this higher self? This is just my understanding; When a person understands the impermanence of all material objects including life itself, it allows another dimension to become the view of life. It isn’t a special or magical view, it is a clear view that isn’t blocked by Conditioned Mind distractions.

Most of us because of our conditioning have developed the view of the material world, its not right or wrong, it just is and if you are content with this so be it. But what if you’re not content, what then? Where do you go from here? The only place one can go is inward. There isn’t anything out there that will give one answers. The higher self is the discovery of ones true self, of an inner projection of love. When it is said that we were created in the image of God, visualize yourself as an image of love. Spreading love wherever you go. Loving whoever you contact with an understanding wherever you stand is holy ground and love is the nature of the land. And this is for all, not a select few, so our entire planet is holy ground and it should be treated as such, but is it? 

Our higher self is the stillness beneath the noise, this isn’t noticed until there is stillness that allows for this. If you are not still, there will only be noise. The higher self will never come into being. This is not to say there has to be complete stillness, that may or may not ever occur, but there has to be enough to allow the higher self to emerge. Stillness is in everyone, but the noise of the world makes it inaccessible. It’s why the noise of the world is the noise of world, because so many are in the grip of it and have it as their primary view of life.

As long as people, which is what makes up the world, view life in this way, one will never evolve to their higher self, hence nor will the world. If there is ever to be peace individually and worldly we must evolve to the level where stillness is the primary way we view life. When our peace emerges it becomes a projection to a world that is our holy sanctuary. It’s the world we live in, so if it isn’t our sanctuary then we don’t have one. After all, is this not what our struggle with oneself is?  We are looking for a sanctuary that is already there, but we are looking for it from a view that doesn’t allow it to be seen. Find the tools that allow for the primary view to be of stillness and you will find what you have always been looking for. And when you find this, you will realize you are on holy ground, because it is the sanctuary of the world you live in.

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