This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

A Canvas of Love

We make our life what it is, but we are not the creator of it, we are created by the Universe with the intention of spreading love to others and making their life a masterpiece.

Think of life as a giant canvas and each moment is an opportunity to paint a new picture. The more ones mind is settled, the more in touch one becomes with their creative self. You can make each moment a masterpiece and inspire others with love or you can be like so many others and just create a self serving mundane existence. There is nothing right or wrong with this, it’s just that in a mundane existence life isn’t lived to the fullest. Life is still beautiful because that is its essence, but its beauty isn’t seen because of unconsciousness. We are not the creator of life, but we do create the way the life we are given is lived.

Although we don’t create life itself, only the Universe can do that, we are responsible for how it is lived. The origin of life is not of our doing. No matter what humans do, we will never be as miraculous as our creator. This is our source, most call it God, but what matters is that you know it exist. This is the energy Jesus called Father. In Hinduism and Buddhism there are different terms used, Brahmans (Gods) but to me they are of the same energy. They are the energy of life itself. This is the all encompassing energy of love. This energy is the creator of all that is. Without it existence wouldn’t be. 

When one is in alignment with this energy, one is in alignment with love. It is the intention of creation to love, it is why there is existence. Pray to it, nurture it, practice it, become one with it. You can attempt make love who you are, but understand it is already who you are. To be aware of this, is to awaken to your higher self. We are not the painters of our picture, the Universe is, we are the brushes and the base of our conditioning is what is put on our canvas. Paint a picture from your heart and it will be a painting that all we aspire to see. Or you can paint a picture from the self serving Conditioned Mind and it will probably wind up in the attic under a pile of old clothes. 

Learn the source of creation and learn who you truly are. Without this, you will just keep searching and using things that actually keep you from your source of love. When this happens, the necessary energy to transform the energy of love to the canvas of life doesn’t occur. It is up to each individual to live the life that they’re given from the base of love, so it is the masterpiece that it was intended to be for all to world to see.

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