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Prison is Prison

When the Conditioned Mind is in control ones freedom is compromised. No matter how subtle the control, freedom will always be compromised until the mind settles in a place of contentment.

Do you think there is a difference between a mind pattern that manifest as a glaring dysfunctional behavior say as using drugs or alcohol or one that is as subtle as being annoyed because the line that one picks in the supermarket always seems to be the one that has some kind of delay?Regardless if one reacts to occurrences in life by reaching for something destructive or is just annoyed, there really isn’t a difference except in the consequences of the immediate action. The glaring dysfunctional behavior tends to be more destructive because of what one is reaching for, but the bondage of self has no levels, it just has different consequences so one is either in chains or not. The bondage which produces what one reaches for determines the severity of the consequences.

So as bondage goes there is no difference, but obviously as stated above there are differences in the destructiveness of behavior. Acting out on road rage as opposed to being annoyed there is traffic will not produce the same outer consequences, but the inner bondage is the same. They are both controlling and leave one at the mercy of the Conditioned Mind. 

The more subtle the bondage the less awareness one has of it and the less likely one will ever be free of it. It may be easier to be aware of a devastating dysfunctional behavior that is not only affecting ones life, but also the lives of others, but how about the bondage that manifest as a simple petty annoyance? 

Whether one is in a maximum security prison or a minimal security prison, one is still in prison, it just may seem that one is freer in the minimum one. Prison is prison any way its looked at. One may not be in solitary confinement, but there isn’t freedom until ones bondage is no more and that is the bottom line. One will either be free from the bondage of self or one will not. 

A little bondage equates to total bondage, just maybe without the glaring consequences. When one is free, there are no consequences, there isn’t any dysfunctional behavior, and there isn’t any bondage. Freedom from the bondage of self is living a life free from the control of the Conditioned Mind. When one is free, one is available to having all kinds of fun loving stuff occur that isn’t available when one is in prison. And wouldn’t totally enjoying every minute of everyday and not being controlled by a mind that’s been conditioned to keep one in prison be different. Because prison is prison regardless of its level of security.

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  1. This is an awesome read. I read u every morning. On my bus ride to work. U get.e reflecting it is good for me so i want to say thakyou and keep. Writing

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