This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

“Are We There Yet”

Don’t ask “Are we there yet” because there really isn’t an answer to this question. Once one gets there, wherever that may be, it becomes here so one is already there.

Waiting to become enlightened is like a child who is taking a trip and is constantly asking “Are we there yet” but unlike taking a trip which does have a final destination to arrive at, there really isn’t a final destination when it comes to enlightenment. Each trip is so uniquely different it’s difficult to explain what it even means to be enlightened, no words do it justice. The most important part of this trip called life, is the trip itself. If one is only concerned with “Are we there yet” all that occurs on the trip will be missed.

When my book was first published I had visions of grandeur, as in #1 best seller contract to write another book grandeur. One day I sat with those visions. I envisioned my book making it to a #1 best sellers list and someone signing me to a million dollar contract to write another book. You know something, I saw through the nonsense and realized nothing would really change. Sure life would be filled with more stuff, but that’s about all that would change. Well not really because those things would actually distract me from all the connections and blessings I’ve received along the way.

Money and fame to me are not considered blessings. Connecting with people and touching hearts are blessings and they’re priceless, they’re all that truly matters. My writings are blessings to me that I share with others because others seem to identify with them and our connections are blessings that I truly cherish. And to be used as an instrument to expose the lies of the “Are we there yet” mind so we can all see that we’re there now, is priceless.

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