This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The Light of Jesus

We are all born of light, but it’s the conditioned mind that keeps one in darkness. And although Jesus taught us how to love so we would see the light, many deny this and remain in the dark.

Spring time is a time for renewal, a time for light and I look at Easter as being a part of this. Whether one believes in Jesus or not, his story is one of light. There is only denial of this light to those that are conditioned to remain blind to it. Our human evolution has produced much conditioning which keeps one marred in darkness. There is nothing wrong with material possessions, but when they’re held onto as idols, their nature becomes one of darkness.

Jesus left us his teachings on how to love and those who see this, see his light. Very simply put, one who is conscious sees the light of love and one who is unconscious remains in the darkness of a self serving conditioned mind. Investigate this for yourself. It was Jesus’s fate to leave us his teachings, to show us the light. It is what he saw so it is what he taught. He left us a path to love that wasn’t previously known. One can only teach what one sees.

We live in a world designed for darkness, not evil, but darkness, there is a difference. Just because a person is unconscious doesn’t make them evil. If you look around, the self centerness of our world is rampant. People go out of their way to deny Jesus’s teachings of love and thus they deny themselves love’s light. But it’s only because they’re unaware that’s it’s their own darkness that blocks them from seeing the light. If there is an evil in this world this is it.

Jesus gave us a way to our own heart  through his love. He gave us a path to the Father through his love for us and this is the path to our own inner light. Deny this if you want and remain in the conditioned darkness, but understand you not only bring suffering to yourself, but you bring suffering to all humanity because darkness keeps one from spreading the light to others. And although Spring time and Easter are synonymous with renewal and light, it will only be when one is on the path of love taught by Jesus, that one will see his light. Happy Easter 🙂

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