This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Another Lie by Society

Remove the mask that society creates and see yourself as the beautiful creation that you truly are. We are all from a God that loves us just the way we are, but can we love ourselves just the way we are?

Another lie handed down by society about addiction, this time it’s a drug called Vivitrol, a opiate blocker. There’s no denying there’s a physical part of opiate addiction which this blocker is used for, but the true cause of any addiction is of the mind. And there’s no blocker that can guarantee 100% that one won’t ever return to their addiction through the mind. The physical is only a small part of addiction, the crux of it is really of the mind. I am not stating this from a scientific stand point, this is solely from my experience. 

After a time when someone isn’t physically addicted to something, the thing that makes one return to their addiction is the Conditioned Mind. There’s nothing physical that makes this occur. It’s called a relapse when this return occurs, but it’s not really a relapse, it occurs because the conditioning that makes a person need to reach for something in the first place is still in place. One may not even want to use the thing, but there isn’t much of a choice. A person can only do what they’re conditioned to do so when the conditioning changes to not have the need to reach outside oneself for fulfillment, one’s addiction will be no more.

If this is contingent on anything but freedom from the bondage of a self that needs to reach, something else will be used as a substitute. Unless science can develop something that takes away the desire to reach for anything, whatever else is used will just be a mask. A mask is all that’s really ever developed because it shifts the dependency on something else. Freedom can only be when one is free. To be truly free one has to be free from all dependencies and be able to be with oneself just as one is without the need to reach for anything to make one feel different. Remove the mask and see yourself as you truly are, a beautiful creation of a loving God who loves you just the way you are, the question is do you?

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