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God Always Is

It is one’s love for all of creation that makes life what it is. It is always there, it never wanes. When this love for creation is the constant of one’s life, than life will be one that is constantly of love.

What matters in life is not if God is on one’s side, but if one is on God’s side. Why do athletes think if they get a hit or if they win a game that God cares. What about the team that loses or the pitcher that gives up the hit, does not God care about them also? Its utterly ridiculous the way people perceive God. God is good when good things happen, but God is also good when bad things happen. That’s because God is constant. energy is constant and energy is God. God’s energy loves no one in particular, but God loves all. The energy of God is all encompassing. This energy can only seem to not be there by an individual’s thoughts, but love’s true essence is there for all because God is there for all.

As energy cannot be defined nor can God be defined. God is the entire human family, the entire galaxy. All that exist. Think about everything that goes on in one single moment, the controller of life is the controller of love, but understand it is our love for God that matters, not God’s love for us. God’s love is a given, it always is. This love is for all creation, but this love is also for the one who dies. God is for the team that wins as well as for the team that loses. God’s love is all around, good, bad or indifferent. God is for all. There’s nothing personal in this, it is what it is. But when one love’s God, good, bad, or indifferent everything becomes personal, because everything is of God.

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