This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Separation from each other only occurs if one is controlled by the delusional world of thought. Unity takes love not thought. The same mind creates both worlds, but if one thinks it just occurs, one is stuck in a world of delusion.

In the world of thought one’s life isn’t as it appears. The Conditioned Mind constantly tries to create a world that makes one happy. This created noise blocks one from seeing their own innate goodness. One’s creation occurs without permission so when it’s understood that we are a manifestation of Universal Energy and not much else really matters, one becomes still enough to see creation not as the mind made concept of what one thinks, but one can see it’s true intention to simply love. The only thing that keeps one in a state of unawareness to this love is one’s own mind.

Stillness breeds truth, truth breeds freedom. freedom breeds clarity and clarity breeds stillness. One day we are in this form and one day just like that we are not. How one is spending their time in this current form determines life. If it is to serve ones self there will never be quietness and it will be very difficult to see truth and find an inner place of peace. If it is to love creation from ones heart and soul, there will be a quietness that will allow an inner place of peace to be discovered and one will be in unity with all beings. 

There may not be unity in return, but that is someone else’s misgiving. Ones own unity with all of creation is what’s important and how this unity with creation will be known is by how settled one’s mind is. Unity comes from the heart not the mind, so our unity with each other is from love and there is only separation from this in the delusional world of thought.

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