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No There Just Here

To make up a story of life being better over there means what’s happening here is missed. And when what’s happening here is missed it’s because the Conditioned Mind wants one to believe it’s needed to be over there.

It seems as though we are always going somewhere, but we never truly get anywhere because wherever it is that we go we always end up here. And here is here no matter where one goes. So the only thing that changes is our surroundings, but because we are always with ourselves no matter where we go, not much really changes. At home, work, the gym, the store, driving, on the beach, skiing, any recreational activity, a concert, a play, watching tv, eating, and on and on, always watching the clock, looking for the next place to go, the mind always in motion to be somewhere else, but where is somewhere else if one is always here? Somewhere else is never there because when we get somewhere else it becomes here. So where are we, there are we, no, here are we, the place where we have always been and will always be. We can’t be any place but here. Never there, always here.

When the mind is still nothing ever changes except where one may be bodily, but the stillness is always the same, no matter where one is. Here, there, and everywhere, places that are generally seen through one’s Conditioned Mind makes one think there is a there, but there is only here. When the mind is still one can see what is here because it is only here that exist. It is why one cannot find their answers out there, because one can only be here.

Time to go, but who labels it as so? In the stillness there is no label, no time, in stillness it’s always here, now and forever, until one day for the body it’s not. But it is still here just not for the one who has passed. Who is labeled to have been born and who dies, but one’s Conditioned I. And as one’s I goes and makes up the story of there, beneath it all in the stillness, where there’s no time, there’s just what’s here.

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  1. Don Moss said:

    Awesome. U always have to read very slowly!

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