This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Knowing the Whole Truth

Knowledge doesn’t guarantee one knows truth. Sometimes it actually harms because one’s knowledge of something is only partially known. Know the whole truth and nothing but the truth or remain silent.

Knowledge is a wonderful thing, but it can be a block used by the Conditioned Mind to keep one locked into their conditioning. This happens every time I post something that has been revealed to me about addiction, but it goes against what has been learned by the majority. I am a person who suffered under the guise of the majorities nonsense for far to many years and whether it is looked at or not, many more are suffering and dying because some people aren’t open enough to see that someone else may have an answer that doesn’t come from a book, so it’s automatically discarded. This is how the Conditioned Mind keeps one entrapped to the bondage of self with knowledge.

What breaks my heart and I understand it’s a persons conditioning that keeps them locked into such a narrow view, is that although in their heart they truly think they are helping others, they may actually be harming others. At the core of this misunderstanding is the lack of knowing of how to truly break free from the bondage of self, which is the cause of why one needs to reach for anything. Doctor’s don’t get it, therapist don’t get it, society doesn’t get it, programs and rehabs don’t get it, and until one is free from the bondage of self, the transformation of the spirit will not occur. And if this transformation doesn’t occur, that means one’s remains as they always are, regardless of what has changed outwardly. Mostly people just substitute one thing for another, and they remain in bondage. Until this changes, nothing will change and one will never be free.

I really don’t care what books say or what knowledge people think they have on addiction, this bondage of self is a fact that is ignored so one’s addiction will continually need to be fed. My authority on addiction is a higher source and it was never my intention to be the way that I am today, but when truth is revealed it will not be denied. The ignorant will deny this, and ignorance is not bliss, it harms. The reason why people have issues with what has been revealed to me is because they are locked into thinking the knowledge they have acquired is truth, this is all part of one’s Conditioned Mind. This isn’t some ego quest I’m on and I will continue to write about what has been revealed to me, regardless of what the unconscious mind says. 

Jesus taught how to find love through the father and was crucified for it because it went against popular belief. My passion takes over when I am told I’m wrong by people who think knowledge about addiction reveals truth. Knowledge is knowledge and it has its place, but it’s not truth. People who treat addiction with knowledge and not truth have a failure rate, not a success rate. One look at the statistical facts of recovery from drugs and alcohol is all that’s needed to see this, but some will keep thinking knowledge will produce the transformation of the spirit and relieve one of the bondage of self. And as one sticks to their knowledge as truth, the truth will be missed and people will continue to die everyday because ignorance isn’t bliss, it just makes knowledge block one from the knowing the whole truth.

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