This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Ally of Love

It is one’s birth right to experience the Universe’s unending love. It is one’s own conditioning that blocks this from being known which makes one’s own mind an adversary.

One may not directly be the creator of their thoughts, but this is not to say that thoughts aren’t reinforced as many reappear again and again. And which thoughts arise aren’t something that is wished to change and it happens. Wishing things were different is not enough to make it so. Thoughts produce the realm in which our spiritual tug of war takes place and this place is in our own mind. We wrestle, strive, and struggle with our own mind against the world, its systems, the flesh, and our carnal nature. The mind encompasses our thoughts, imagination, reasoning, and intellect, as well as our emotions and free will. Within all of these aspects is the very heart of each individual. 

By our thoughts and feelings we determine our will and purpose for our lives. There are choices to be made. Love life with all your heart or love the world with all your heart. When we love we seek to live by the truth and power of all creation because this is our assurance of victory in each and every situation in life. If our choice isn’t to love, it will be to flounder in the ignorance of our Conditioned Mind and reinforce the destruction that surrounds our world on a daily basis. 

In this process one encounters a very real spiritual struggle with the realm of thoughts, emotions and free will, because our own mind has become an adversary. All these areas are directly related to our Conditioned Mind which blocks the means to receiving out birth right of love. The Conditioned Mind is an adversary that has a goal to weaken one’s resolve to keep one in its grip. It is the Universe’s intention to protect us from ourselves and allow us to be engulfed by its love, but only when love becomes an ally will the struggle with one’s own mind cease to exist. An adversary can only be defeated when one knows what they are truly up against. I have met the enemy and until love is an ally, it’s the conditioned me.

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