This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Acceptance to Move On

One can only act in the ways that are inside. A trigger activates the Conditioned Mind and one can only act according to what’s in place. Accept it until the mind settles and move on.

Our unity as a society is dependent on learning to love ourselves unconditionally. If we judge ourselves there is no way we won’t judge others. And in our judgements, our unity as a society will be fleeting at best. Our unity with humanity doesn’t start with humanity, it starts with ourself. If we can’t accept ourself as we are there’s no way we will be able to accept anyone else as they are. We may be able to accept them for a time, if they are as we want them to be, but they remaining that way will also be fleeting at best. This ability to accept ourselves will only occur when we know our own mind. And only in the sense of how it is the cause of not accepting ourselves exactly as we are.

Think of this when you act in a way that’s not in your best interest, where does that originate from? Who would purposely act in a way that isn’t beneficial to their own well being, but it’s done all the time. These acts come from one’s own mind, but it’s not the act that causes the problem, it’s wanting the way one acts to be in some other way that’s the problem, but it’s impossible to change it because it’s already been done. So accept it and move on, and possibly if you are practicing living a life that allows the mind to settle, the next time something triggers the Conditioned Mind to act in a way that’s not in one’s best interest, one may be able to respond differently, but if one does act in a way that’s not beneficial, accept it and move on. When the mind settles enough, you will stop acting in ways that aren’t in your best interests, but in the meantime understand you are perfect just as you are because good, bad, or indifferent, you are only doing what you are conditioned to do, just accept it and move on.

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