This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

The Space of I Am

I Am, it is everything yet it is nothing. It is so simple, but it’s missed by most. It needs nothing added to it, yet it is what many spend an entire life doing. It’s incompleteness makes it complete. It is life itself. I Am

I Am, it’s so simple yet so profound. Sit and visualize it, watch how the mind reacts. The mind doesn’t like it when it thinks something is incomplete. I Am is an incomplete sentence, so it wants to add something to it. But nothing needs to be added to I Am for completeness. Matter of fact anything added to it makes it incomplete. If the mind is noisy this will be nearly impossible to grasp. It will be misinterpreted. It will be made it into something that it isn’t. It’s true message will be missed.

The space of I AM is our beginning. It is the space when universal conditions were right and our manifestation in this form began. It is the space of non judgement, non bias, of no prejudice. I Am is the space of purity. It is the space of life itself. In this space there is only Universal Love. But this isn’t somewhere to go, because this is where one already is. There is just so much noise going on in between one’s ears that for most this space isn’t known that it even exist. 

When the noise in the head stops, the space created between thoughts and reactions, is the space of I AM. Practice diligently so you can be in this space because it is the only space that truly exist. It is in the delusional space of noise that most live their life. Adding to I Am is what creates this delusional space because of the added noise. Not adding anything to I Am is truth. A simple profound truth. A truth that sets one free from their own created noise.

One cannot be in any space except where one is, and where one truly is is different than the space of where one thinks they are. It is one’s own mind that keeps one from the space of I Am because of the way it’s been conditioned. Recondition it to remain in the space of now (I Am) and you will never leave this space of peace. When one doesn’t want, one doesn’t need and when one doesn’t need, the only space that remains is peace. In this space anything is possible because in this space one is in alignment with Universal Love and in harmony with I Am. This doesn’t occur because a label is applied that makes one this or that, it is just the opposite, it occurs because in the I Am there is no this or that, there is just I Am.

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