This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Loving God Back

Nothing more is needed in life than to allow the opening of our heart so we can learn to love God as we are so loved. Regardless if one is aware of this love or not it is always there.

I have come to understand God as energy manifested in the context of Universal love and when the word God is used in this article, it is how it was visualized in my writing. The real tragedy of any life does not occur when it ends. The real tragedy occurs because although one is alive, they don’t learn how to truly love. When the given moment is accepted as it is, we are aligned with God’s Love and living in its presence. And when we don’t, it becomes our greatest misgiving because it mean one wants the moment to be in some other way. This causes the misalignment of Gods Love and causes one to be discontented, and unfortunately when one is discontented, one suffers.

Living one’s given life is what’s needed to be learned so one can be used by God for the betterment of the Universe. If life is wanted to be in some other way, it instantly causes discontentment and this discontentment causes one to be in conflict with love (God). What it means to be in conflict with God is for one to be focused on the flesh. We were created to be engulfed in the love of God, but most are engulfed in the love of self (in the form of ego).

This conflict causes most if not all of one’s suffering because it makes one want things that satisfy only the flesh, instead of living in the light that puts one in alignment with God’s Love. As the story of the Prodigal Son exemplifies, God doesn’t care about one’s imperfections, they are a given, but as God so loves, God wants to be so loved in return. And happy are those who love God for they will inherent the Kingdom of Heaven, which to me is the freedom from the bondage of a self serving me while I am here on earth. Remember, visualize this article in the context of the energy of Universal Love.

Being with our given life is being in the presence of God and in this presence, which is love, it allows one the freedom of experiencing heaven on earth. Anything else is just mind made discontented nonsense that creates suffering. We ourselves cause this by being attached to a self that creates our bondage to the flesh. God is but a word, but the energy of love is real. And since God’s love is always there for us, it is we who need to love back.

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