This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Perceived Fantasies

Nothing that is perceived is truth. Perception is mostly a fantasy in a world of make believe. The perception of a Conditioned Mind is our lust to fulfill these perceived fantasies.

Why is it that you need to do the next right thing to be free, why aren’t you free now? Our life is lived in a sort of Disneyland, a perceived fantasyland. This is where we make our perception of self and what we need to have a life of fulfillment, and we believe it as truth. But nothing perceived is truth, because it is the made up world of our Conditioned Mind. That’s why we all view the world in different ways. It is said this is what makes the world go round, but it would still go round even if we lived our life from the truth of love instead of our perception of a self-serving mind.

Our perception becomes our fantasyland because we make up a world to best fit our perceived needs. When we put someone down we perceive we are better than them. When we play the lottery, we perceive a life with money will make us happy. When we fantasize about sex, we perceive a fantasy world is better than what we have. This lust is at the core of all perception, the lust for money, sex, pleasure, security, comfort, stimuli, excitement, fulfillment, happiness, God, and on and on. This is what drives our perception, a lust to have life a certain way to bring us our perceived fulfillment, but this is chased after at the cost of truth and our freedom.

Make up any world that you want. Pursue all your desires and call them dreams. But understand this will never bring you the perceived fulfillment you so desire. It will never last, because it is a perception, it isn’t based in truth. It is a fantasy that when life’s lust are attained then all will be well. But if you had everything that you lusted for why is there a need to keep lusting? Because in the perceived world of make believe there is never enough.

The fantasy is there’s always more that is needed to attain if one is to be fulfilled. More of or a bigger whatever is perceived as what will make one happy, but truth and not perception is whats needed if one is to be happy and set free. One can keep on perceiving on what will set them free, or it can be learned to stop living in a fantasyland that the next thing gotten will be the next thing to freedom.

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