This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Labeling the Moment

Each moment only provides the setting for it to be labeled. When one says they feel a certain way, it’s strictly one’s own judgement of that moment that’s labeled because the moment doesn’t make judgements.

Through our senses we label life, and those labels are constantly be applied. Everything is judged, even labeling a coffee cup on the counter is a judgment. Not a harmful one, but a judgment just the same. When we learn to not judge and apply the conditioned label, we will then become aware of the distractions that keep us from going beyond surface living. With this new awareness, our mind finally settles enough so we will notice the deeper view. This is the initial awareness, but it will require much more practice to go deeper yet. The deeper one goes, the more the material world will be let go of, which is the sensory world, because it will not be needed. And the more the material world is let go of, the more one will understand the deeper view and the freer one will be.

The senses are directly linked to the bondage of self as is one’s surface view. So if one really wants to understand their life from the spiritual realm, they will have to get very quiet and become aware of how subtle the bondage to the delusional self really is. It is the only reason life is viewed the way it is by so many people, because the quietness that’s necessary isn’t practiced. This isn’t something that’s right or wrong, it’s just limiting. Without the discipline to understand the difference between surface living and the deeper view, there will be no difference and the surface view will be the only view that one will have. Again this isn’t right or wrong, but it is limiting and what’s limited is one’s view.

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