This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Balanced and Complete

The realm of the spirit is usually what’s missing that makes one feel like life is incomplete. Without the spirit all one has is the physical and intellect and they’re not enough for life to be balanced and thus complete.

Our life consist of three facets that are needed for it to be in balance, physical, intellectual, and spiritual. For most of my life only two of these were utilized, the physical and the intellect. This lack of the third facet led to much confusion and suffering. This is what is lacking in far to many lives today. Sometimes something happens to open this third facet, but for many people it doesn’t seem as though it ever occurs. It is just the way it is. There is so much pull against the spiritual that nothing short of a modern day miracle will bring it to the forefront of one’s life.

It isn’t that some have this spirituality and others don’t, we all are spiritual beings by nature, but some are more aware of this and that’s what the third facet allows, awareness. So much has been put in place to keep people unaware of this, but because it is our true nature, we do seek it, but we don’t understand what we are truly seeking. Since the seeking itself is part physical the spiritual is very difficult to see. The physical is relied on way to much. You cannot find a spiritual solution when using physical tools. Spirituality manifest when we are aligned with the physical and the intellect. The song says two out of three ain’t bad, but not in this case.

Our world is out of balance because our human instincts are out of balance. We need all three facets to be in sync with the Universe. When we live in balance with all three facets, we are complete. If one is missing, we are out of balance. If two are missing, we are in trouble, our life will not have any balance and all kinds of nonsense arises. To live life in this way is dangerous to all those involved, because we are unstable. We are like a time bomb waiting for our fuse to be activated.

This is the state of many and unless one is living in balance with the physical, intellect, and spiritual, there will be problems in life and there will be unnecessary suffering. This is basic life 101. It has to be this way. No one facet can be left out if we are to live a life of completeness. One will still be alive without all three, but life will not be balanced and it will never feel like it is complete. And this will cause one to keep searching for the very thing that one already possesses, and that is completeness. So please live in balance with the instincts you possess and remember you’re complete just the way you are, you just have to have balance to be aware of it.

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