This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Two Versions of I

There is no denying that I exist, but there are two versions, one is the I that thinks it constantly needs and the other is beyond the thought of needing because it is beyond the thought of I.

When one asks the question of who am I, do it in the context of who is the one who feels. Naturally the surface answer would be I feel, but who is this I that feels and how about the one that exist beyond the surface of feeling. This I is outside the realm of ones thought of I. Seeing this is all dependent on how settled the mind becomes and it will determine if one is aware that beyond the thought of I there isn’t an I, at least not in the context that I is thought of.

So who is it that feels? Ones I feels, but it’s just not in the context where one attaches to any of their feelings. The thought I and the I that exist beyond thought occupy the same form, the just exist totally separate from each other. They are as different as night and day as are the results of how one lives their life. One exist in the realm of attachment (thought). This is the I who most people think they are. And the other I needs no label, there is existence of it, there just isn’t attachment to it. Find the I which brings the most benefit to life and the I without attachment will be revealed. It’s the true essence of I, that is unless of course one thinks the thought of I is who they truly are.

Comments on: "Two Versions of I" (3)

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  2. Does the “I” even exist? How can we differentiate between the I and other I’s…? Isn’t the “self” an illusion?


  3. The I that is considered the self is illusionary. The other version has no attachment


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