This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

What’s in a Label

Think of this, everything you have labeled up to this point in your life you have been taught and depending on what that has been determines whether the life you live will be one of truth or not.

Truth or consciousness, whichever word is preferred, is the result of being free of a Conditioned Mind. But the labels applied from this conditioning is what keeps a person so engrained to their subconscious mind that they’re not allowed to see truth. Below is an example based on a true story (just kidding) to show how this happens.

Let’s say you lived with a group of people on a deserted island and a crate of apples washed ashore labeled oranges. The group ate them, liked them, planted seeds to grow more of them. The didn’t know what they were eating, but the knew they tasted good. The entire group enjoyed eating them, but even though they’re apples the group calls them oranges because of the label on the crate. To them, they make orange pie, orange cider, orange sauce, and so on. One day a child in the group finds a book that shows what they have been calling oranges are really called apples (truth). The child gains an understanding that what the group has been taught isn’t true and proceeds to tell others of his findings. Not in a way of trying to push the understanding on anyone, but more so in a way to just say “look what I found.” Some listen, most do not, but regardless of this the person who found the book now knows the truth about what he has been eating.

As life in the group goes on, the child nonchalantly shows more and more people the book with the apples. Now, the people in the group with an open mind awaken to the truth of what an apple is. Especially the children in the group, because there is much less resistance to the truth because they’re less conditioned than the adults. So now some in the group know the truth of what an apple is and some stay marred in their conditioning and continue to label the apples as oranges.

The ones who are marred in their conditioning are not at fault, they’re just going along with what they’ve been taught. But just because that’s what they were taught it doesn’t make it true and unless they develop an open mind, they will continue to live in the conditioned lie. Not for any other reason except that is what they were taught.

If the adults in the group can somehow become as open minded as the children, maybe they will awaken to see the truth of an apple being an apple and the only reason they think its an orange is because of the label they were taught to give it. Giving anything a label is attaching to it and all attachment is only because of the label that one has been taught to apply. In the meantime as all this is going on, the ones in the group who have been given an understanding of truth, keep showing others that the way they’ve been taught to label things may not necessarily lead to truth.

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