This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

One can’t claim to know truth if they don’t understand what it is to be a slave to their own lies. One needn’t have all the answers to know truth, but an awareness is needed to know how not to be enslaved by one’s own lies.

Recently I had a discussion with someone who stated, it is arrogant for anyone to claim to know truth because how can a person be sure that what is seen is really truth. My response to this was, “To know truth one must know their own lie.” You see truth isn’t having all the answers, it’s knowing what the lie is. At one time I thought I had all the answers and it was a problem because it closes the mind. And with a closed mind, one has all the answers so there is ignorance of the lies, which makes for the ignorance of truth. So truth cannot be known if one doesn’t know they’re living a lie. I than went on explaining what I meant by “Truth can only be known when one knows what the lie is.”

Seven years ago as I began developing a practice of quietness and my mind started settling, I started understanding what it was to be a slave to the noise (the lie). And I say “was” because in knowing truth one is a slave no more to the lies. By being aware of the poison of the lies of greed, hate, and delusion one can choose not to be controlled by them. When living selfishly and being judgmental, it causes not only suffering to oneself, but it also causes suffering to those around one as well. And when this is known one is provided with tools to live differently. If there wasn’t awareness of these lies there wouldn’t be awareness of truth.

The ultimate delusion is when one claims to know truth, but doesn’t even understand the lie. This is the place that to many live. I ask you this: Is it arrogant to claim to know truth by understanding and not being controlled by the lies? Or is it arrogant to claim to know truth, but remain enslaved the to lies? Many state that there are different versions of truth and no one can know all truth or truth of another, but it has been through my experience of quietness where I have discovered many different versions of lies, but only one version of truth.
When you understand all lies, you will know there is but one truth. And another’s truth is known because another’s lie is known, but only because of the awareness of one’s own lies. Remember truth is not having all the answers, its knowing all the lies. So the lies the world presents are the gateway to the truth because they’re the gateway to an awareness of the lies. And truth can explicitly be known, but only when one is aware of being enslaved by their own lies.

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