This site has been created to expand and share on some of the insights that led to the writing of It's Monday Only in Your Mind: You Are Not Your Thoughts.

Conditioning in Place

Love is the energy of the greater good. Those who live for the greater good are guided by love. Those who live in the flesh are entrapped by it and controlled by the conditioning that’s in place.

The world has many triggers to activate the Conditioned Mind Patterns that are deeply engrained in our subconscious. To remain focused on the greater good, those triggers need to be understood. The more one’s life is centered on the flesh, the more controlled by the flesh ones life is. Here in lies the problem with this, far too many people are controlled by the flesh and it makes for a very difficult existence, the difficulty being spiritual principles aren’t the foundation of most people lives. I’m not talking about lip service, I’m talking about genuinely living from the heart. If you don’t think living from the flesh is a problem, open your eyes and look around at what is the focus of so many people. It should be the unending love of the Universe, but it’s focus is more on acting in ways that brings harm to ourselves and others.

The other day someone made a negative comment about Universal Love. I can’t even imagine someone saying anything negative about love, but I understand the cause of it and its not personal. It’s just an example of someone being controlled by the flesh. It is so powerful yet so subtle and far to many people are unaware of this cruelty. The flesh uses many of the worlds triggers to keep one in this mode of cruelty and many people will justify their righteousness even if it hurts others.

It’s not a cruel world, there are just people who have cruel conditioning. How else can a person say anything negative about love. Don’t take it personal if you are treated cruelly by someone, they are probably treating others just as cruel, matter of fact they have to be because it’s the conditioning that’s in place. It is what happens when one is controlled by the flesh. A true spiritual existence is based on unconditional love, yet not many can claim this. It would mean our weakened flesh would not be in control of the unconscious words that we use to put others down because our unconscious self needs building up. And the only reason it’s unconscious is because it is based in the conditioned world of the flesh instead of the spiritual world of love, yeah that’s right, love. And know this, the flesh isn’t personal, its just conditioned to be unconsciously cruel.

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